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Iveta Sprūdža 

For self-growth and potential I try to feel and enjoy the magic of colors! It was daring to take a brush and pencil in my hands. 

In the first art lesson the artist entrusted the following task to me: she told me to close my eyes and try to draw my self-portrait.

At the end the result was a surprise to both of us. 

Thanks to such course I had an unusual experience and at the same time I loved to be able to wake up artistic abilities

in myself - to have a chance to start to smell and taste the charm of art!

As well-known postmodernists once said: great art can be found anywhere and anyone can be artist.


Baiba Kotāne

Thank you so much for being by my side! It was a special and memorable time in my life.


Ilze Zee

Thank you for letting me remember my childhood and the best moments in it.

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